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Overview of Title V Grant Project . . . .
* AEN provides Training Opportunities for: 5 annual Statewide Professional Seminars; Parenting Workshops in each city; Peer Mentoring Seminars in each city; and an annual Statewide Training the Trainer Seminar for Parenting and Peer Mentoring.
* Teen Rallies with nationally known Guest speakers
* Student/Adult Mentoring
* Regional Libraries, as well as a Website Lending Library
* Promotional and Abstinence Education Media
* Teacher In-services
* Integrity Awards to students in "lead" schools in each city

Some interesting and important comments from the Grant Evaluators:

From Grant year 1998-99. . . 
"Parents and community seem to be excited about the underlying philosophy of Abstinence education and are willing to support AEN and their work with teens, educators, and other professionals."
From Grant year 1999-2000. . . . 
"Findings of the second year replicated the results of the first year. Furthermore