It's Never Too Late

If you've already been sexually active, it's NEVER too late to make a fresh start.  The choice you make today CAN make a difference in your life. 

Have you been in a relationship where "I love you" has meant "I want you"?  Do you live in fear --fear of pregnancy, fear of disease, fear of never being truly loved, fear of getting caught or found out by your parents or friends?  Have you been in a relationship that included sexual activity (not necessarily intercourse), and when that relationship ended, the pain was more than you ever thought possible?

Sex outside of marriage is a dead end.  It affects not only you and your heart, mind, and soul, but also many others.  It adds no positive affect to anything.

Choose TODAY to end the fear and the hurt, and begin traveling on a road that is full of positive and healthy actions that build your future and your dreams.

-leave sexual relationships

-forgive yourself for bad sexual decisions

-make new friends who share your choice

-raise the standard of people you date

-create positive, reachable goals

-let close friends know about your new commitment

-stay away from settings that provoke sexual encounters

-use self-control

-face the risks to your health and future by seeing a doctor or counselor