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To promote the appreciation for and practice of sexual purity (abstinence) until marriage through distribution of age appropriate materials.

{short description of image}True Love Waits
True Love Waits is an international campaign designed to challenge students to remain sexually abstinent until marriage.
"Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my future mate, and my future children to be sexually abstinent from this day on until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship."

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   October, 1999
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Focus on the FamilyFocus on the Family
James C. Dobson, Ph. D., is founder and president of Focus on the Family, a nonprofit organization that produces his internationally syndicated radio programs, heard daily on more than 2,900 radio facilities in North America and in seven languages on approximately 1,300 facilities in over 70 other countries

Research Findings Teen AidTeen-Aid Inc.
Caring about teens and their futures.

Title V - 
1996 Welfare Reform Act
 House Bill 189 - Ohio's Abstinence Education Law {short description of image}Mike Long Video Productions
The #1 issue facing teens today is sex. How does a teen decide whether or not to be sexually active or practice sexual abstinence until marriage when all the daily pressures they face encourage them to "go for it"?

Curriculum Information
Sex Respect

A. C. Green Foundation
As an NBA star, A. C. Green believes he should serve as a role model for teens.  The foundation runs several programs to encourage kids to save sex until marriage.  His curriculum - "It Ain't Worth It" is geared toward middle and high school kids.

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