Recommended Links The Medical Institute for Sexual Health The Medical Institute is an excellent resource for research findings and current reports on sexually transmitted diseases and other issues affecting sexual health.
Passion 4 Purity provides a variety of support systems for ages 12-22 for promoting abstinence. An organization that promotes chastity as a positive alternative to the prevailing sex related problems among our youth. Abstinence resources, handouts, and support counseling are also available. Sex Respect Abstinence Education ProgramLong-time provider of school curricula and other abstinence resources. In addition to abstinence curricula and related materials, in-service teacher training seminars are provided for all participating schools, as well as a variety of motivational speakers for school assemblies. Provides abstinence and character education curricula, materials and research. The National Abstinence Clearing HouseThe National Abstinence Clearinghouse provides resources, conferences, and more to promote the appreciation for and practice of sexual purity (abstinence) until marriage. A great interactive link that provides research, chat, and more!Smart people of all ages are discovering that saving sexual intimacy for marriage makes a whole lot of sense--for all kinds of reasons! On this site you can find the facts you need in the Library, ask tough questions, and share your thoughts. A site filled with testimonials from sports and movie stars who support sexual abstinence unless marriage.  Includes a printable full-color 28 page newspaper with lots of how-to and why info. Pop star Lakita Garth and The Naked Truth preform a program that points out the benefits of teen abstinence in a personable and humorous way. By the end of the session, kids are motivated to make a pact with themselves to abstain until marriage because it makes sense to them. not me not nowNot Me, Not Now is a teen pregnancy prevention program designed to encourage youth ages 9-14 to postpone sexual involvement.  The program relies on young kids to deliver an abstinence message to their peers. Home of The Abstinence KNot® - The Sign of a New Revolution. Prevention PartnersPrevention Partners helps promote healthy choices for youths and adults in communities throughout Monroe County and Western New York. We provide drug prevention and abstinence programs and events, an interactive Web site, and a mobile resource called the Prevention Extension to spread our drug-free message and give you the support to handle almost any situation. it ain't worth it The A.C. Green Youth Foundation is a nonprofit youth organization that strongly promotes the message of abstinence through a documentary/music video titled “It Ain’t Worth It!” starring A.C. Green and including an all-star lineup of athletes from the NBA and NFL, as well as Olympic competitors. An easy place to discuss the facts and feelings behind sexual health and relationships. We believe our youth deserve the best and that lowering the standards is not the answer. Our goal is to show that being abstinent unless married leaves you free to have fun without the worry of the risks associated with unwed sexual activity. true love waitsTrue Love Waits is an international campaign that challenges teenagers and college students to remain sexually abstinent until marriage. To date, over a million young people have signed covenant cards stating: “Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my future mate, and my future children to be sexually abstinent from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship.” The Ohio Abstinence Campaign (OAC) has as it's mission to promote, support, and coordinate a collaborative statewide effort that empowers parents and communities to strengthen their youth in healthy decision making primarily as it relates to drugs, alcohol, and premarital sex. aim for successThrough live presentations students are encouraged to develop strong, responsible character as they deal with sexual pressure. Students learn the wisdom of committing to be sexually abstinent until marriage. Parents are inspired to raise responsible children who know that their choices have consequences. Teachers also receive creative ideas on how to implement the abstinence movement into their classrooms and how to develop support groups for students. This website it devoted to Teens -- to give you up to the minute statistics, facts, disease updates and most importantly encouragement and strategies with your personal commitment of self-respect and integrity.


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