Melanie Howell Melanie Howell, President of AEN, Inc., Director of Title V Ohio Department of Health state grant and a Federal SPRANS grant, entitled the Ohio Abstinence Campaign

Melanie has been President of AEN since July 1997.  She also serves as the Director of the ODH Grant.  Melanie enjoys the planning and implementing of new strategies that will reach teens, parents, and professionals with the abstinence message.  The success stories give new vitality to the vision of having every Ohio student hearing and choosing, primarily or secondarily, to remain sexually pure until marriage.

Bonnie Hailey Bonnie Hailey, Peer Life Seminar Trainer

Bonnie conducts Peer Life Seminars throughout the state of Ohio, for the Ohio Department of Health through AEN's Title V Grant.  She also travels throughout the Midwest presenting these seminars for other contracting organizations.  The Peer Life Seminars train, support, and encourage teenagers to continue in healthy life choices through the avenues of character development, role play, and training in abstaining from high-risk behaviors.  Having worked with teenagers and their parents most of her career life, Bonnie has a passion to pass life-giving truth on to the next generations.  She believes that AEN and agencies like it are affecting the overall well-being of the soul of America.
Imogene Bowers Imogene Bowers, AEN Parent Education Consultant and part time administrative assistant for OAC

As Parent Coordinator, Imogene's role is to educate parents on how to help their children postpone sexual activity, achieve emotional security and maximum self-esteem, and stay healthy until marriage. Imogene's favorite aspect of her vocation is the eye-opening response from the parents when they realize the vast amount of information given on relationships and STD's.  Her vision and passion lies in the desire to reach the elementary age students, from Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Here the parents' involvement is crucial, and the interest in their children's development at this level is so high.  This could equip the parents and the children to handle the years ahead with wisdom and solid information. Imogene loves to speak with teenagers too!
Catherine Wood Catherine Wood, President of Central Ohio AEN

Catherine loves being a builder and a master teacher in premarital abstinence education. As a consultant for AEN, she trains teachers and guest speakers and provide resources in many underserved rural counties.
Letty Roosa Letty Roosa, Administrative Assistant

As a part-time Administrative Assistant, Letty oversees the book-keeping, bill-paying and general correspondence for AEN. Letty is attentive to details, helpful to callers to define their needs and enjoys sending them just the right resources.
Debra Everett Debra Everett, Regional Coordinator, Toledo

Through her position, Debra has had the opportunity to reach the full audience with the abstinence message.  Starting with the school administrators, the counselors, the teachers, down to the students and their parents, and the professionals, too.  All have heard about the power of abstinence through AEN's "full service" program.  It is evident to Debra that reaching each group is the strength of a successful abstinence program, and she is grateful to be a part of this organization.
Cheryl Mahoney Cheryl Mahoney, Ohio Abstinence Campaign (OAC) Media Coordinator

Cheryl excels in designing all kinds of media for abstinence education. The highlight of working with AEN for Cheryl is the support and encouragement given by her co-workers.  AEN is more than a job for her; it is a family, a passion, a vision for the future.   Cheryl's experiences as Regional Coordinator inspire her to further challenge today's youth to aim high and seek the best.  For them, we should not settle for less.
Mamie Harris Mamie Harris, President of 4-CHARIS

Mamie is a consultant for AEN who uses her remarkable gifts to reach the most challenging students; those who are academically disabled, and those who reside in juvenile detention centers and psychiatric facilities. She hopes in the near future to develop an Abstinence Institute for the urban college bound senior high school students and a CD of RAP music to promote abstinence.
Valerie Huber Valerie Huber, Director of REACH

Valerie is a collaborator for Ohio Abstinence Campaign and coordinates professional seminars and the first state abstinence til marriage conference. Valerie is an avid researcher and enjoys teaching the historical and philosophical differences between abstinence until marriage and contraceptive programs. She keeps us up to date on the law and other issue pertinent to abstinence until marriage providers.
Debbie Friece Debbie Friece, SPRANS collaborator for Mentoring component and RN at Mercy Parent Infact Center.

Debbie is from Mercy Partners of Western Ohio, coordinating mentoring seminars and Rites of Passage initiatives. Debbie enjoys helping a community build their collaboration in order to plan, initiate and progress through the first year of a 10 Rites to Passage Mentoring Program. Debbie's big heart for youth who are the most vulnerable gives her the energy to make such an comprehensive endeavor possible.
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