Education is Key. . .

With education, our youth can reach their highest potential. Education in many forms --school, counseling, seminars, church, and peer groups-- can give wings to goals, dreams, and freedom.

AEN's Services

Abstinence Education Training

Our one-day training sessions provide you with everything you need to become an effective abstinence educator.
  • Professional Seminar
  • Parent Power Workshop
  • Peer Counseling Seminar
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Guest Speakers for Schools Churches and Community Organizations

Our Topics Include:  HIV/STD's, True Abstinence Education (K-12), Philosophy and Implementation, Mentoring, Peer Teams, After School Clubs, One-on-One Peer Counseling and Community Initiatives.
Lending Library and Resource Lists

We have many books and videos available in our Lending Library to provide you with information on abstinence education, sex education policies and current STD statistics and data.

These resources are available at no cost to you. We only ask that you pay for the shipment materials to and from their destination. We also ask that you return the materials within 30 days, so that we may have the resources readily available to others.
School Clubs, One-on-One Peer Counseling and Community Initiatives

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Research says. . .

National Longitudinal Study on Adolescent Health

Published in the September 1997 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, this is the most recent and most comprehensive study ever conducted on children and causes of risk behavior. This study, also known as the Ad Health Study, reported parental connectedness as a strong protective factor against adolescent risk behavior. The Ad Health study indicates that abstinence programs are successful when:
  • Students commit to a pledge of virginity until marriage (they respond favorably when challenged with the highest standards of expected behavior.)
  • Abstinence is taught in a directive manner, which means that out-of-wedlock adolescent sexual activity is taught as wrong and unhealthy.
  • Parents are encouraged to openly express their disapproval of adolescent sex and adolescent contraception to their children.  Fear of pregnancy and STDs is a well-placed fear of consequences.
  • The distribution of contraceptives to adolescents without parental notification or approval is prohibited.
  • Parents are included as a central part of all aspects of sexuality education.
The Ad Health Study was funded by 18 federal offices and included a written survey administered to over 90,000 adolescents with 12,118 follow-up home interviews.
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