History. . .

AEN was officially incorporated in the summer of 1997.  However, five years prior it existed as a loosely knit organization of a handful of abstinence educators.  In the early 90's, gatherings would take place to express frustration, encourage one another and share resources. Then, as momentum began building, the dream of a state-wide vision with goals came to life.

AEN was Lillie Carraway's vision.  (Lillie has since gone to Nigeria to establish AEN there.)   Lillie saw the administrative gifts of Melanie Howell and asked her to step in as President of the organization.  It became very clear that this vision had vivid purpose.  Within three weeks, the group incorporated the network and submitted an AEN grant to the Ohio Department of Health to secure Title V abstinence only dollars from the federal government.  The is the fifth year of that Title V grant cycle.  This allows service to five urban cities across Ohio (Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, and Cleveland) and encompasses a data base of about 1800 people, excluding our website visitors.

AEN, Inc. is honored to help serve Ohio in this way.  They are a gifted team of staff and consultants who have a wealth of expertise and passion to share the truth of abstinence and character development to anyone who will listen -- students, parents, professionals, agencies, and legislators.  The mission is to improve the health of children, families, and the institution of marriage.  Each year more and more schools and communities request the services of AEN. 

In July 2001, AEN received Notice of Award to implement a three year SPRANS Abstinence Education Project, entitled "Ohio Abstinence Campaign." This is the first every premarital abstinence campaign in the history of Ohio! The campaign will provide a multi-faceted approach to assist teens, particularly in the urban and rural areas of the state to choose abstinence from premarital sex, drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Community rallies, professional seminars, state-wide media campaign, mentoring training, and evaluation of the project will be implemented by five collaborating agencies. These collaaborative partners are Abstinence Educators' Network, Miami Valley Abstinence Educators' Network, REACH, Mercy Partners of Western Ohio and Pregnancy Decision Health Center. They will be working along side of county leaders and interested citizens to implement the statewide effort.

If you would like more information or become involved in the Ohio Abstinence Campaign, check out the OAC website,, and call 1-866-WORTH IT.


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