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about Abstinence

Volume II, Issue 3               This issue dedicated to education                 October, 1999

In this issue:   Ron Johnson   |   AEN Personnel  |   Harvey Alston Seminars   |   Lakita Garth


A one-day training seminar
featuring Ron Johnson*
and his 10 rites to passage

Afternoon session:

Bonnie Hailey
Peer Counseling Coordinator
Lillie Carraway
Parent Training Coordinator

November 8


Embassy Suites 
4554 Lake Forest Dr.
Blue Ash, Ohio


November 9


Fawcett Center
2400 Olentangy Road
Ohio State Univ.


November 10


Four Points Sheraton
28500 Euclid Ave.
Wycliffe, Ohio


November 11


Clarion Westgate
3536 Secor Road
Toledo, Ohio


November 12


Mandalay Conf. Ctr.
2700 E. River Rd.
Dayton, Ohio


Time:  8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Cost:  $35   Call 513-398-9801 to register

*More about Ron Johnson, Our Featured Speaker

A former gang member, Ronald F. Johnson is able to identify with the inner city students.  He attended public school in New York City and graduated from Columbia University.  Ron has worked with “at-risk” youth all of his professional life.  In 1985, he moved to Los Angeles to design and direct a program for teen fathers.  While working with these fathers, Ron developed his 10-Step Rites of Passage program, which is a comprehensive model designed to develop skills required to achieve a sense of manhood.

 Through his non-profit organization the National Family Life and Education Center, Ron and his staff are implementing the 10 Rites of Passage Program for males and females in conjunction with the Los Angeles County Dept. Of Children’s Services.  A fourth degree Black belt in Jujitsu, Ron travels extensively presenting workshops and seminars about self-esteem, children of color in foster care, African American boys and cultural sensitivity.

First Row, Left to Right:
Lillie Carraway, Parent Training Coordinator;  Cheryl Mahoney, Dayton Regional Coordinator; 
Tanya Roberts, Assistant to Debra Everett;  Debra Everett, Toledo Regional Coordinator

Second Row, Left to Right:
Bonnie Hailey, Peer Counseling Coordinator;  Rachel Chima, Cincinnati REgional Coordinator
Catherine Wood, Columbus Regional Coordinator;  Melanie Howell, President, AEN
Kathy Haugen, Media Coordinator

Not Shown:
Diane Abernathy, Administrative Assistant;  Gail Reese, Cleveland Regional Coordinator

Harvey Alston presentations a rousing success!!

 During the week of October 11, Harvey Alston presented his “Be the Best” seminars to 12 different schools in five Ohio cities.  He was well-received in each school — the students in one school actually “dressed up” to greet him  (Harvey appears in a tuxedo as part of his presentation.)  As a follow-up to Harvey’s motivational speeches, Bonnie Hailey, our Peer Counseling Coordinator, has been VERY BUSY!!  She presented Peer Counseling Seminars in most of the same schools during the next two weeks.

These seminars equip each student to reach out, strengthen and support peers in healthy life choices.  Students are trained to abstain from premarital sex, alcohol and drugs.  Bonnie also talks about violence prevention; and avoidance of other risk behaviors.  Through character development, relationship skills, listening techniques, interactive role play, discussion and video scenarios, participants gain skills to intervene or help hurting friends.  From urban to suburban schools, teens and administrators are realizing the valuable asset of positive role model, peer counselors.  These students can be the “first line of defense” impacting their campus with care in critical issues.  For more information or to schedule a seminar, call Bonnie Hailey at 513-398-9801.  A Training Workshop for educators on both AEN’s Peer Counseling Seminar and P.A.T. (Parents Abstinence Training) is scheduled for December 2, 1999, in Columbus, Ohio.

Don't miss

Lakita Garth

coming in


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