Stay committed to your commitment. . .
  to Abstain from Sexual Activity until marriage

Improving Your Odds
  1. Avoid alcohol and drugs.  They can impair your ability to say "No."
  2. Make your values known up front.
  3. Date people your own age.
  4. Avoid unsupervised situations.
  5. Double-date or go out in groups.
  6. Date people with similar values.
  7. Keep your clothes on.  If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned.
Come Ons are a form or manipulation.  When people manipulate, it's to get what THEY want, usually without regard for the other person.  If someone really cares about you, they'll respect your decision to wait.
Smart Come Backs for Dumb Come Ons
You would if you loved me If you loved me, you wouldn't ask.
Everybody's doing it How stupid do you think I am?
You don't know what you're missing Oh, like pregnancy, disease, guilt, fear. . . NO THANKS!
Nothing bad's gonna happen That's right, cause nothing's going to happen.
Don't worry.  I'll use protection Sorry, I'm not into Russian Roulette.
But, I have to have it Show me the one obituary where someone died from NOT having sex.
Try it, you'll like it I'm sure I will, with the person I marry
I'm clean. I promise Well, I KNOW I am, and I plan to stay that way.
ŠAbstinence Educators' Network

Helpful Ideas to Save Sex

Group dates are a great way to take pressure off of everyone.  The more people there are on a date, the less tempting it is to do other things that can lead to other things!  It is also a fun way to get to know other people.  You may decide after a group date that you definitely do or do not want to ask someone out.  You find out a lot about people playing board games, cards, or just hanging out.

Have a theme. . .

Retro Date -- Plan a Friday or Saturday night to grab your 60's, 70's, or 80's garb, and make a night of it.  Go roller skating or bowling or cruising, then go out to eat where everyone pays (no pressure).  Add your own flare.

Cheapskate Date -- Everyone has a very limited amount of money to spend for the entire night.  Go to a Discount Store, and see what the cheapest, but most meaningful gift is for someone else in your group.  See how much money everyone can still have by the end of the date.

Progressive dinner in reverse -- Start at your favorite dessert place, have some chocolate.  Then go to a different resrant for dinner.  Go to a different place for appetizers. These are just a few.  We have a bulletin board where you can post your own group date ideas.

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